Success Stories

System Integration and migration to HP-UX

Tech-21 has successfully ported and migrated customer's one of the Baggage Handling modules to HP-UX with industrial standard solution

One of our strategic customers has 8 SCO Unix servers in 8 different not easy to reach locations which were for 10 years. The system was mission critical to the customer and allowed the down-time between 0200-0500 only. Although our customer had kept spare parts for maintenance, the systems were too old to maintain. Tech-21 had provided the total solutions, plus shipping the whole industrial system to the sites, old system un-installation, new system installation, configuration, implementation and system up and running within 2 hours.



  • 8 different locations in the lower floors of Baggage Belt in the restricted area (temperature is high, humidity is high, shaking platform, not easy to reach location - tough environment)
  • Requires dust and splashing water protected with Air-Conditioning Cabinet
  • Requires Industrial LCD Touch Screen Solution with Unix Driver supporting the new platform and the applications
  • Porting from SCO Unix with Oracle 10g to HP-UX platform
  • Allows the total downtime of less than 4 hours



  • Deployed eight HP Integrity rx2620 servers running HP-UX 11iv2 Enterprise OE with OTS support
  • Each server is installed in IP54 Industrial Standard Air-Conditioning Cabinet with Industrial LCD Touch Screen
  • 12 months pre-sale and professional services including proposal, demo, POC, development, pilot run, implementation and UAT services
  • Project Management Service
  • Skill transfer, training, solution briefing
  • Continuous Support



  • Cost Saving

The use of industrial standard solution which could lower the operatiing, upgrade and maintenance costs

  • System Continuance

The customer could resolve the maintenance problems of a retired old system. Tech-21 provides continuous technical and consultancy support

  • Relaibility

Upgraded to a more reliable platform

  • Performance

The new system has significant improvement of system performance

  • Easy to Manage

The new system is industrial standard on an open Unix platform. It is easy for system operation and administration