Success Stories

Server Consolidation with HP ProLiant Blade Servers

Tech-21 has successfully implemented HP Blade Solution for a leading Telcome customer to lower TCO by server consolidation

One of our customers in Telco industry has hundreds of Intel servers in different hardware platform and in different locations. The warranty of these servers has expired and our customer has to pay a price each year to maintain the old systems. Also, these servers were poor in performance and consumed huge valuable floor space at several datacenters. Tech-21 and HP have supported the customer to deploy HP Blade Servers and finally solved the problems.


Customer Requirements
  • Optimum utilization of operating expenses
  • Transitioning to the future infrastructure
  • Technology refreshment and improve server performance
  • Save datacenter space
  • Standardize the hardware platform and simplify the system management
  • Investment protection
  • Committed support from system integrator in system migration and on-going support

  • 14 Sets of HP ProLiant BL20pG2 Servers
  • 36 Sets of HP ProLiant BL10e G2 Servers


  • Microsoft Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux AS3, Redhat Linux 8, Redhat Linux 7.3
  • HP Rapid Deployment Pack


Tech-21 Services:

  • Consultancy and proof-of-concept tests
  • System migration test for different hardware and software platform
  • Implementation
  • Skill Transfer workshop
  • On-going support service



  • The project was divided into two phases, our customer has successfully migrated over 50 sets of Intel servers to HP Blade platform
  • The customer has enjoyed the new warranty with no additional charge thus reduce a large amount of maintenance cost
  • Before migration, the old servers consume over 10 racks in datacenter and now the blade system has only consumed three half-full racks
  • The hardware platform has been standardized into HP Blade System. The customer can now use one single spare part for all servers. IT operators just need to maintain one hardware platform
  • By using HP Rapid Deployment Pack, system deployment and management has become much easier