Provide Obsolete and Refurbished IT Equipment, and Maintenance Support Service

Tech-21 Systems Ltd is an experienced provider of refurbished and obsolete equipment from IBM, SUN, HP, DIGITAL and CISCO. Not only we provide good quality & reliable products at a fraction of the original prices, but also we provide supreme technical support and onsite maintenance services.

We help customers to extend the life cycle of their legacy equipment by providing obsolete and end-of-life parts and equipment. With our services and affordable prices, customers are no longer in a hurry or being pushed to upgrade or migrate their application software to new hardware because of high hardware maintenance cost or obsolete parts.  Also, we can provide equivalent and compatible legacy equipment for short term usage such as data migration and application testing.


We have everything you need to power and upgrade your AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Tru64 Unix & OpenVMS software applications and server boxes. Our solution consultants will discuss with you and work out the most appropriate configurations meeting your requirements and within your limited IT budget.

Whenever you want to upgrade your legacy equipment such as adding more RAM, Hard Disk, CPU, storage devices, switch modules, adapter cards or your want to add more servers to improve performance, for short term usage, just give us a call at (852) 3106 5109.


Our Value Propositions :

  • Provided refurbished equipment & servers with customized configurations at very affordable prices
  • Provide spare parts of legacy, obsolete and end-of-sales equipment such as RAM, Hard Disk, CPU, Storage Device
  • Source whatever equipment meeting customers' requirements
  • Provide system integration, technical support and onsite maintenance services
  • All equipment is well-tested before shipment and with 90 day warranty. Extended warranties services are available.

We provide wide range of refurbished server models from IBM, SUN, HP & DIGITAL and maintenance support services, include :

  • Digital DEC Alpha Server Maintenance
  • HP9000 Server Maintenance
  • Sun Solaris Server Maintenance


IBM Servers :
  • RS6000 43P/44P/B50/F80/H70/H80/M80/S7A/S80/S85

  • pSeries p5-510/p5-520/p5-520Q/p5-550/p5-550Q/p5-570/p5-590/p5-595

  • pSeries 610/615/620/630/640/650/651/660/670/690

  • pSeries p6-520/p6-550/p6-560/p6-570/p6-590



SUN Servers :

Entry Level Servers

  • Sun Enterprise 220R/250/420R/450
  • Sun Fire 280R/B1600/V100/V120/V125/V20z/V210/V215/ V240/V245/V250/V40z/V445/V60x/V65x/x2100/x2100/ x2250/x4100/x4150/x4200/x4450/x4500/x4600/LX50

Mid Range Servers

  • Sun Enterprise 3500/4500/5500/6500/3800/4800/4810/ 6800/E2900/E4900/E6900/V1280/V480/V490/V880/V890

High End Servers

  • Sun Enterprise 10000/12000/15000/E20K/E25K



HP Servers :

  • HP9000 A Class: A180, A400, A500

  • HP9000 RP CLASS: RP2405, RP2450, RP2470, RP3410, RP3440, RP4410, RP4440, RP5400, RP5405, RP5450, RP5470, RP7410, RP7420, RP7440, RP8400, RP8420, RP8440

  • HP9000 N Class: N4000, A3639A, A3639B, A3639C, L CLASS: L1000, L2000, L3000

  • HP9000 K Class: K580, K570, K460, K450, K420, K410, K400, K380, K370, K260, K250, K220, K210, K200 K100

  • HP 9000 D Class: D380, D370, D360, D350, D330, D320, D310, D280, D270, D260, D250, D230, D220, D210, D200

  • HP 9000 E Class: E55, 45, E35 G CLASS: G70, G60, G50, G40, G30 H Class: H70, H60, H50, H40, H30, H20 I Class: I70, I60, I50, I40, I30 T Class: T600, T520, T500 HP Superdome



DIGITAL AlphaServers :

  • AlphaServer DS10/DS15/DS20/DS25

  • AlphaServer ES40/ES45/ES47

  • AlphaServer ES80/GS80

  • AlphaServer GS160/GS320/GS1280

Cisco Switches :

  • Cisco Catalyst Switches 3500/3550/4000/5000/5500/6500/6509



Trade-In or Sell Out IT Equipment :

If you want to trade-in or sell out your old IT equipment, just give us a call and we will quote you the best and competitive offer, or give you trade-in credit towards purchase of new equipment. Trade-in credit along with our aggressive pricing on refurbished equipment will afford you the best value.


Get Quotes on Refurbished and Obsolete IT Equipment, Hardware Maintenance & Other Services :

Call us NOW at (852) 3106 5109 or email sales@tech-21.com.hk for our quotation of refurbished and obsolete IT equipment and with our hardware maintenance and technical support services.