HP Proactive Select Service
In today's fast-paced business environment, having the ability to quickly respond to change and opportunity is a competitive advantage. Businesses depend on IT systems more than ever, and being able to rapidly deploy new technology can improve ROI and lower IT cost structures.

Advanced technologies, such as virtualization with blades and storage area networks (SANs), can deliver substantial efficiency, performance, and cost benefits. Many IT departments need expertise to deploy new technologies but lack the staff or the time and money to get their staff trained sufficiently to enable them to realize these benefits.

IT services can help businesses get more value from their IT teams and systems. However, most IT service options available today require businesses to purchase predefined service packages. That makes sense when you require specific system availability levels. But sometimes, you need additional flexibility to customize services to address the unique needs of your environment.

IT departments are being driven by business to show rapid ROIs. To accomplish this, they must be able to implement IT solutions quickly and efficiently, and streamline the associated processes and procedures.

HP offers you a scalable, customizable proactive, and reactive support solution to fit your business requirements.


Select what works for you X your package

HP Proactive Select is a flexible way to purchase proactive services. You simply purchase a Proactive Select service package that includes credits, and you can choose the necessary services from a menu.

Each service activity requires a set number of credits for redemption. There are three core packages to select from:

  • HP Proactive Select 30 service credits

  • HP Proactive Select 60 service credits

  • HP Proactive Select 180 service credits

  • Additional 10 Proactive Select Credits (for adding additional services)


Each Proactive Select package provides:

An assigned account support manager (ASM) focused on technical and operational improvement specific to your business environment. The ASM is responsible for and assists with the following activities:

  • Service activity selection and initiation
  • Proactive delivery planning
  • Delivering services or engaging resources for delivery
  • Delivery review

Proactive service credits that can be redeemed for service activities of your choice. Proactive Select may be coupled with the appropriate HP hardware and software support. Choose from a broad range of services to meet your business needs.


Manage your IT environment effectively

  • Accelerate return on investment (ROI) of your technology investment
  • Gain access to technical expertise and outstanding practices
  • Enjoy cost-effective, flexible services


What Proactive Select can provide you

Here is a sample of the service activities that are available through HP Proactive Select Service:

  • Blade Technology Assessment
  • Blade Toolset Assessment
  • Virtualization Performance Audit
  • Firmware and Patch Analysis
  • SAN Supportability Assessment
  • Storage and SAN Firmware and Software Analysis and Management
  • Power and Cooling Assessment
  • IT Service Management Quick Assessment
  • System Health Check
  • Security Quick Assessment
  • Performance Analysis for SAP Systems
  • Support Planning and Review Meetings
  • Education Credit



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